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  • Bandits

    Many bandits roam the land. Manly concentrated in the northern lands that once belonged to Hammertooth. Several bandit groups have become well known including the [[Wolf Fangs]], the [[Vorshnal]], [[:15965 | Androso]] and the [[Scourge of the Jutland …

  • Vorshnal

    Mainly roaming between the Ash fields and the Lake to the east, the Vorshnal are made up of monstrous creatures unconcerned with civilization

  • Wolf Fangs

    Once threatened by the return of Hammertooth's authority, the Wolf Fangs operated mainly in the northern pass, making its caves their hideouts. Now, after witnessing the decapitation of their leader, the remaining Wolf Fangs serve the Five Lords.

  • Gnasher Footmen

    Brutal, vigorous, and rash, the Footmen roam all areas of the valley to inflict their malice on whomever they find. The only people they shy from are the Wild Tribes.

  • Androso

    all that is known about life is that he was a commander in the armies of the land 400 years ago, then disappeared into the Underdark after a failed mission. Several generations later he returned with a sizable force following close behind.