The Bandit Cave

After fending of a pack of drakes and negotiating a truce with the Wild Tribe, the Five Lords headed to the Northern Pass to rid their land of the Wolf Fangs. Upon entering, they first fought a cave bear and then after venturing into the cavern deeper, they discovered more sentries. Chokers and Darkones attacked from the shadows, but they overcame without too much difficulty. Soon the natural stone gave way to an orderly constructed pathway hewn by dwarves. It widened to allow passage of wagons. they next came to a breach in the path, a long chasm barring their way. Switches on the left held only symbols for their explanation, but before their secret was discovered, the Five Lords were ambushed. Fighting off a larger force of bandits, they managed to work the controls to extend the bridge. After defeating 2 more bandit parties, Arjhann slayed the Wolf Fang’s leader and took charge of the remaining bandits. Ted, the second in command, told them about a horrid ad terrible foe in their custody: Androso.



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