...like water on rocks!

...they are coming! The drow that took Arjhann proved to be as good as his word. Not long after reaching the safety of Hammertooth, we see the underlings of Androso heading towards us. Thankfully the troops that we were promised have arrived and appear to be serious about their business. My peers and I set about directing the soldiers to defend the town that we have just now rebuilt. It would be a shame to lose it so quickly. As the enemy begins to attack the gates, our forces prove resilient and turn the attack away. During their defense, some of our foes manage to gain entry to the town proper and realize the mistake as they are now faced with the task of going through Morgoroth, Malchor, Malak and me. HAHAHAHAHA foolish We take out the minions effortlessly…and I do mean effortlessly, since Malak dropped a tremendous fireball directly on them and wiped them all out. My companions have all become quite powerful and displayed abilities I had not previously seen. As we dispatched this group, another wave attacked the walls and was once again turned away by the defenders of the town. Once again though, a small group was able to get through. This was no doubt made possible by the drow himself joining the battle. Obviously realizing what he was getting himself into, he brought his bodyguard pets with him. Despite underlying unease about what we were about to do, we steeled ourselves and defeated him and his “dogs”. It seems that we were fueled by at least some measure of revenge. Even knowing that Arjhann is still alive, since his throne is still in place, I admit it felt good to steal the life of the one who took him. The days have gone on since the attack, and we await our next challenge. The green dragon we found has produced its first fruit as we were all able to have a piece of armor specially crafted. Things right now are looking good for our group. Despite our different backgrounds, we have proved that we can be quite a force in this land. Now we just have to decide what to do with that. hmmmm…...heh



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