Dear Brandis


Trusted aid, I beg for your forgiveness as I skip all formalities and jump right into business.

Our diplomatic mission to the lizardmen of the marsh proved not only successful but beneficial for all. Though simple people, they’re leaders posses the reasoning needed for proper diplomacy. All of our conditions were agreed too by the shamans and elders of the lizardmen of the marsh. The lizardmen of the marsh were wise to except our offer because the alternative would have been nothing short of genocide.

For your record keeping here is a brief list of the terms:

-The able bodied would become royal guards of 5 lords of Hammertooth. Training, pay and prestige will be given to match these positions. The Lizardmen of the marsh are strong and capable. Under the supervision of Morgoroth, I have no doubt that we will have the strongest, most skilled guards within the territory of the 5 cities.

-They entirety of their clan would relocate to the marsh of their forefathers (the marsh just outside of Hammertooth).

-The farmers and herdsmen would sell excess food supplies to the village of Hammertooth. Though slightly low-brow, this food source will provide our village the necessary sustenance to keep everyone happy or, at the very least, alive.

In return, we, the lords of Hammertooth, agreed to:

-Slay the “white menace”, The white menace was the very same dragon that had alluded us once before but in our second encounter, the once formidable foe proved….outclassed. You should have received the carcass by now. Brandis, personally oversee the use of this precious resource.

-Protect the Lizardmen from the wild tribe. This request should be no problem to fulfill due to other developments.

The Lizardmen of the marsh are hereby considered full citizens of Hammertooth and therefore under its complete protection. Make sure that they are treated accordingly and NOT as second class citizens.

The second order of business came as a complete surprise. As we were heading towards Proveenia to attend to our diplomatic duties, we were ambushed by the leaders of the wild tribe. But we weren’t attacked, we were forced to choose a side. One of the leaders represented peace and the other war. In an ironic turn we chose to side ourselves with the peacemakes by killing the leaders of the warmongering faction. The wild tribe will prove to be useful allies. The leaders of the wild tribe are going to meet us at Hammertooth upon our return from Proveenia. Treat them as honored guests until our arrival. We have many things to discuss with them. The wild tribe could prove a valuable army. Potentially swaying the balance of power in our favor.

Once in Proveenia, we were almost immediately pulled aside where we discussed with the Lord Mayor the growing concern of the Wererat population. Why is it that whenever Hammertooth can’t solve a problem they come to us to handle it for them? I’ll tell you why, they are weak and we are strong.

An Account of our investigation into the wererat problem follows:

The Lord Mayor agreed to recognize Hammertooth as long as we found evidence of the wererat problem. We agreed, seeing no other course of action and proceeded to investigate. We made our way to a weakly guarded storefront. In a crafty move, your Tiefling lord decided to put his years of borderline alcoholism to “good” use and drank the lone guardsman into a near coma. This allowed seemless access into a known wererat storefront. Upon further investigation we discovered the only course of action was to push our way into the sewer. The sewer was briming with the enemy and we had to quickly and quietly kill anyone who stumbled upon us in a desperate attempt to stay unnoticed. Luckily, the Strength of the lords of Hammertooth is matched only by my brilliance, thus making the odds 2-1 in our favor.

We did come across an occupied barrack that we had to get through in order to find the evidence we needed. In a tactically perfect manuever, I cast silence upon the room and then I immediately put what few guards were awake to sleep. But strangely some of the guards started to wake up, even the ones that had ABSOLUTELY NO business waking up started…... well, waking up. Anyways, your lord Morgorth proved once again why he garners the respect from me that he does. He courageously followed me through the door only to charge a foe and stab him in the gut. It was truly a horrific site seeing the muted screams of an enemy frantically pawing at his stomach in a futile attempt to keep his innards from spilling upon the ground. The amazing thing was, that wererat not only lived but fought bravely in spite of his crippling injury.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my day but this takes the cake. While fighting in the barracks one of the wererats woke up from both magically induced sleep and natural sleep in a silent room with no provocation. NO PROVOCATION!!!! Then as soon as he opened his eyes he jumped on a hidden button that turned the floor to ice. If we weren’t fighting for our lives and our kingdom, this would have been extremely comical.

Moving forward

Completely drained, we pushed forward in the vain hope of ending this damn Wererat plague. If I didn’t think they were a threat before that last fight I knew that we had to end them as soon as possible. I can’t imagine what other kind of magic they can inexplicably escape the effects of.

We continued down a spiral path that led us to a room where we discovered Baron Motti, bound and gagged, being guarded by some powerful wererat/bears. The battle began on a grim note but took a turn in our favor when your lord’s Revon and Malkore found their footing and poured themselves into every swing and spell. Upon the destruction of the final guards, we discovered that one of the wererats looked like and was possibly Tonth the rep. for Hightower. We escaped the sewer with Baron Motti but have had little time to question him. I believe he is all the evidence we’ll need.

There is much to do. I will keep you updated. Godspeed Brandis.



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